Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring looks stellar in the bedroom

Laminate Flooring – Remarkably durable!

Laminate flooring (wikipedia) has four layers: a wear layer, a design layer, an inner core layer and a backing layer. The wear layer protects the floor from stains and fading. Beneath that, the design layer is literally a photographic image of wood, stone or other natural visual. For structural strength, the inner core layer’s plastic resin keeps the laminated hardwood flooring stable and flat. The backing creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping. It’s this layered construction that makes laminate floors so remarkably durable. Based in San Carlos, CA we handle the entire Bay Area and beyond! Come check out our Laminated Hardwood Flooring.

Afrormosia Planks laminate flooringAfrormosia Planks
Laminate Flooring: WW-0001
Amber Hickory Planks laminate flooringAmber Hickory Planks
Laminate Floors: WW-0002
Burnished Walnut Planks laminate flooringBurnished Walnut Planks
Laminate Flooring: WW-0003
Cognac Hickory Planks laminated flooringCognac Hickory Planks
Laminated Floors: WW-0004
Garnet Jatoba Planks laminate flooringGarnet Jatoba Planks
Laminated Flooring: WW-0005
Marseille Maple Planks laminated hardwood flooringMarseille Maple Planks
Laminate Floors: WW-0006
Midnight Mahogany Planks laminate hardwood flooringMidnight Mahogany Planks
Laminate Flooring: WW-0007
Saffron Hickory Planks laminate floorsSaffron Hickory Planks
Laminated Floors: WW-0008
Scarlet Mahogany Planks laminate hardwood flooringScarlet Mahogany Planks
Laminated Flooring: WW-0009
Toasted Hickory Planks laminated hardwood floorsToasted Hickory Planks
Laminate Floors: WW-0010
Zebrano Planks laminated hardwood flooringZebrano Planks
Laminate Flooring: WW-0011
Moderna Perfection Enhanced BeechModerna Perfection Enhanced Beech
Laminate Floors: WW-0012
Moderna Perfection Honey MapleModerna Perfection Honey Maple
Laminate Flooring: WW-0013
Moderna Perfection Honey Oak laminate hardwood flooringModerna Perfection Honey Oak
Laminated Floors: WW-0014
Moderna Perfection Mexican RosewoodModerna Perfection Mexican Rosewood
Laminated Flooring: WW-0015
Moderna Perfection Northern Maple laminate hardwood floorsModerna Perfection Northern Maple
Laminate Hardwood: WW-0016
Moderna Perfection Planked Pine laminated hardwood flooringModerna Perfection Planked Pine
Laminate Flooring: WW-0017
Moderna Perfection Select CherryModerna Perfection Select Cherry
Laminate Floors: WW-0018
Moderna Perfection Winchester Oak laminate flooring hardwoodModerna Perfection Winchester Oak
Laminate Flooring: WW-0019
Moderna Soundguard Country MapleModerna Soundguard Country Maple
Laminate Floors: WW-0020