Arte Mundi Modern Flooring

Whole Wood is proud to sell elegant, sophisticated, luxurious, and modern flooring by Arte Mundi.

Styles include:

The Bauhaus Collection

  • White Oak – Gris Chaud, Ivory, Gris Novo
  • Walnut – Antique Copper!
  • Maple – Topaz, Whiskey Brown, Morning Haze
  • Birch – Coffee Bean, Nantucket Mist
  • and more!

The Nouveau Collection

  • Hickory – Blonde Coffee
  • Maple – Drift Branch, Topaz
  • Hickory – Blonde Coffee

The Rennaissance Collection

  • Birch – Morning Haze, Nantucket Mist
  • Hickory – Whiskey Brown
  • White Oak – Natural, and more!!!

Please visit us at Whole Wood to see what’s in stock or order your favorite. We have thousands of samples of hardwood flooring.